Tuesday, August 24, 2010


For generations, San Francisco has been a nexus point for life-changing experiences. Artists have flocked to the Golden Gate to find kindred spirits and discover themselves. THE GAIETY will capitalize upon the Tenderloin’s place in history as a sanctuary from extinction in harsh economic times and will present a bold vision for the Tenderloin’s future.

We stand alongside those who re-envision the Tenderloin as the center for cultural stimulus and the wellspring of tomorrow’s art forms. THE GAIETY may well prove to be the birthplace of the new Vaudeville movement, may give rise to a fresh new generation of film-makers, may serve to reinvigorate the city’s deep roots in jazz or may even hold a legacy yet to be realized by future generations. It is our investment in the community and our dedication to recouping the loss of artists’ space suffered through the city’s Dot-Com crisis, which will allow THE GAIETY to prosper and the city to reclaim the Tenderloin as its artistic home.

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