Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

80 TURK ST, SF: Proposed Location

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The Gaiety stands at the gateway to the Tenderloin. It connects the Taylor Street Art Corridor to the Mid-Market Redevelopment Project; and stands along side notable neighbors such as The Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, the EXIT Theatre, FarmerBrown, the Golden Gate Theater, the Community Benefit District, Showdogs, the Luggage Store, the Passion Cafe, and soon, CityPlace.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

the Gaiety Project Floorplan and State of Use

Ground Floor:  3000 sqft; Theater, Box Office, Cafe, Gallery (ADA Compliant)
Upstairs:  3000 sqft; Studio Offices, Community Meeting Space, Kitchen, Gallery Annex
Downstairs:  3400sqft; Studio Offices, Workshops, Green Room, Community meeting Space, Gallery Annex

Ground Floor:  3000 sqft; Lobby Concesssion Stand, Box Office, Theater (ADA Compliant)
Upstairs:  3000 sqft; Offices
Downstairs:  3400sqft; Storage

Please note that rendering is NOT to scale. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

How are the Gaiety Project funds being used?

After securing funding for Phase I, the build out for the Fa├žade, the Ultimate Concessions Stand, and the Event Space, it will take six months of construction to open.  Upon securing funding for Phase II, the build out expands into the basement for the workshop, the costume shop, offices/studios, and a community meeting space.  Upon securing funding for Phase III, the build out expands onto the second floor for additional offices/studios and another community meeting space. 

How is the Gaiety Project model SELF-SUSTAINING?

The Gaiety Project has three major revenue streams:  1) Space Rental: Event, Office/Studio, Community Space; 2) Food and Beverage Sales: the Ultimate Concessions Stand and Cafe is a gourmet small plate, wine and beer bar; and 3) the Lost Art Sanctuary:  a grant/subsidy program allowing companies to pay full commercial rental rates to the theatre.

What are the LOST ARTS? And how is the Gaiety Project a SANCTUARY?

The Lost Arts are creative mediums ready for a renaissance—the circus arts, burlesque, puppetry, etc.  With the Gaiety Project subsidizing rents for companies that incorporate these arts into more accessible media, we provide a social platform to educate underrepresented artists and companies to become financially self-sustaining. 

Who is the team behind the GAIETY PROJECT?

Sean Owens, the Gaiety’s Artistic Director, is the resident playwright for the EXIT Theatre, named the city's Best Comic Playwright by the SF Weekly, and celebrates his 20th year as a playwright. 

Cameron Eng, the Gaiety’s Managing Director, has been a key developer, designer and producer for Impossible Productions at the Dark Room Theater, helping to turn it into a successful year-round venue for live theatre, performance art, and sketch comedy.